This is what I want you to know!  Your belongs to you.  It doesn't belong to the person who hurt you, neglected you, abused or misused you.  It doesn't even belong to the great love of your life who left you a widow or a displaced heart that is afraid to love again.  My gift to you is your heart.  Your ability to open and receive the love that is waiting for you!  Take your heart back!

For The Complete Series

GET YOUR MIND RIGHT is a 4-part series including "Take Your Heart Back" and these other titles:

  • I Object!

  • Tell Yourself The Truth: You Wanted To Have Sex With Him

  • Do You Have Know Insurance

  • The Good Woman Needs An Overhaul

"You don't need everybody, just the right somebody."

About Suzette

Hi, I'm Suzette Vearnon.  On December 27, 2014 on my 55th birthday, I did something that statistics would not have predicted.  I got married to the most wonderful man.  It wasn't my looks, my charms or my savvy dating that did it.  It was that after 49 years of being on this Earth it was no longer okay for me to stop being myself in my relationships with men.  With this realization came a startling revelation. I didn't know how to not perform for a man's affections.    

You see, I was taught that love = performance.  So it was difficult for me to grasp that a man could love me without my attempts to accommodate him.  I needed help.  I hired a coach.  It was a painstaking process; but in time, I found my rhythm.  I discovered my super power wasn't in what I did.  It was in who I was.  The journey was about finding my Enough Factor.  And it is my purpose and passion to help you to find yours.