March 20

Your Dream Needs A Hero


What are you willing to do to make your dreams come true?  Will you be the hero of your dream?

Have you heard of Lisa Nichols?  (If not, I’ve conveniently linked her name to her website.  Click on it.)   Nothing happened just because she had a dream.  In fact, nobody cared. Nobody cared that Lisa couldn’t afford Pampers for her son.  Nobody cared that she had struggles in her relationships.

Nobody cares until you care.

When nobody cares, you have to care.  I think that’s what makes Lisa’s story so compelling and this entire experience.  It’s teaching me that just knowing what your secret sauce is means nothing if you’re not going to “boss that sauce!”

You have to care enough to go the distance.  Securing the services of the Director of Growgetter Digital and Online Marketing Guru, Demario McIlwain and Ms. Secret Sauce Herself, Dawn Nicole was one of the best decisions ever.  (And believe me, they didn’t ask me to say any of this; I simply recognize exceptional when I see it.). They are helping me get the word out about MusicMath and my city to city tour of  “What Is Your Enough Factor?”   With just 25 days there is a lot to do but one things’s for sure,  Another Broken Egg and Midtown/North Hills are about to find their super power!

Say yes!

You have to say yes.  Great love isn’t something that only happens to a few.  But few find it.   If I can help more people discover what they have to attract it, then I believe that I had brought something beautiful to this world.  I see it like this.  We can dream about it or we can be about it.

I hope you’ll walk towards it.   Register now for our kick off event!


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