Cheers to you!

While I hate to see you go, I wish you blessings on your journey.  And I hope that our short time together left a deposit in you that will continue to grow.  At your request, you will no longer receive emails.  But, if you'd like to remain connected off email, here are some ways:

My Books

I've authored 3 books, two of which I'm holding right now.  They are The Sound of My Life, The Sound of My Soul and Protecting Your Emotional G-spot.

To find out more, here's the link.

My Podcast

To check it out, here's the link.  You can also type in "Enough Factor Podcast" in the search box of your preferred podcast platform to see if you can listen there.

My Social Media

I'm everywhere - that's probably how you found me - but my fav's are Facebook and Instagram.  Also, keep an eye on Eventbrite.  I try to do something monthly there too.