February 6

The Most Underrated Investment


In my previous post, Let’s Talk Money, I introduced a game changer of a book, THE FINANCIAL MATRIX, and how its section on expenses and investments was quite the eye-opener for me. We all know that expenses are purchases that don’t appreciate. I get it, my love of cute shoes is an expense…sigh. But think about this. It’s only an expense if there is no profitability or residual value. So, if I bought Prada pumps on sell, turned them around and sold them for more, then the expense has now changed sides.

Hence what I believe is the most underrated investment of aspiring entrepreneur. The ability to see the opportunity in what might otherwise be seen as an expense. You see, each of us have been given the ability to reproduce. This isn’t limited to children. We can reproduce money. The muscle the simply needs to be exercised is our minds. How many debts could have been investments had your mind been expanded to consider or even conceive it.

As a MusicMath Solutionist, the main thing I hear from my clients is, “I never saw it like that.” That is music to my ears. What excites me is the game changer moment for my clients. When they say that, I know they’ve tapped into a wealthy place within them to transform not just their business, but their lives. Read on to find out how an investment can become an expense.


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