January 24

The Most Important Thing In Establishing A Client Base


When we last left our conversation, a man in business since 1975 was sharing some sound advice about starting a business during a recession.  Now to the how-to survive part, sprinkled with some MusicMath™ Magic of course.

The most important takeaway in establishing a client base is:

  • Always keep your word
  • Always keep your schedule

Keep your word

The first rule of building a rapport with clients is to do what you say you’re going to do.  This is in business.  This is in life.  This is in relationships.   The quickest way to lose trust is to over promise.  It is occupation obliteration if you don’t deliver on your promise.

Keep your schedule

Time is money!   Wasted time is money out the window so it is imperative that you show up.  Here’s the MusicMath™ Magic.  Showing up is more than being on time.  It is being excellent when you do. Sounds simple.  But it’s not. Excuses are on the rise.  Dependability places you ahead of the pack.  It’s being Being prepared and doing the job right the first time increases customer loyalty.  And rightly so.

Hear more of my take in my audio, “It IS Personal, It’s MY Business.”
It’s part of my jumpstart the new year, The Business of Living Series.

Next question, “Should I lower my prices during tough times in your business?”  The conversation continues.


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