Take Your Life Back

Some of you are just discovering that your husband is gay while others have been in marriages for 5, 10, some even 50 years. It's devastating!  Even if things weren't the best, you reasoned that all marriages go through rough patches and things could get better if you tried hard enough.  And despite that sense that the song your husband was singing was fell flat, you stayed with him in hopes that you could make him understand the unhappiness you were feeling and if he loved you enough, he'd change.


People change.  Sexual orientation doesn't 

Regardless to where you are, one thing's for sure. Your gay husband will never be able to give you what you so desperately want.  You want him to be heterosexual or at least tell you he isn't.  That, you cannot control.  What you can control is what you are going to do and the person you want to be.  This is where we come in. We help you get out of the closet and stay out!


Why we can make such a promise  

We have yet to see anyone who is more powerful than a woman with a plan.  Add to that, Suzette herself was a Straight Wife who, through honing her music and math principles, started singing her own song and making deposits in her own emotional bank account.  It wasn't easy but it was so worth it!  She is now celebrating 7 years of sobriety -- not from alcohol, drugs or sex, but from being married to a gay man, hello! -- and 2 years happily married to a man that, just the mention of him, makes her light up.  


The lies we believe

You could raise the argument that your gay husband took advantage of you.  That you were too nice.  But none of that would be true.  The truth is you bought into a lie about yourself and your value and preferred to believe the lie enough to stay one second, one breath, one lie longer than you should have.  


What's the next right step?

Don't live in your gay husband's closet--not one more second!  Plan your own jail break!  Enroll in our MusicMath Mindset program.  Our unique coaching method amplifies your voice, your value and your vision.  In order to exit your gay husband's closet and stay out, you need to be clear on all three.