The Clock Is Ticking

You had it all planned out.  You'd graduate from high school, get your undergraduate and then your Master's Degree.  You'd get settled in your new career. And by 25 -- 26 years, at the most -- you'd be walking down the aisle.  You are now thirty-something and still single. You've tried everything!  Telling friends to hook you up, browsing dating sites, and even bargaining with God, but, you are always the bridesmaid.  Never the bride.  


"What am I doing wrong?"

You are a good person and would be on anybody's short list of wife material, so what's going on.  Your girlfriends tell you that if you stop looking, he'll just show up.  It's been longer than long and despite your best efforts, either you attract the wrong man or you aren't attracted to the "nice ones."   You've even tried to immerse yourself into work, find your purpose, or take an "I don't need a man" attitude but that only makes you feel more lonely.   


Stop trying to be single 

When there's a yearning that deep, avoiding it only makes it worst.  What would be better use of your time and energy?  Enrolling in our MusicMath program.  Using music and math principles: 

  • We help you identify and deactivate your squealing microphone (hyper-emotional alarm triggers)
  • We help you hear your heart song (discover your deeper qualities for the long-term relationship you desire)
  • We help you to stay on pitch (learn to date authentically)
  • We help you reconcile what a man says to what a man does (decode a man's language)
  • We help you to avoid emotional bankruptcy (protect your emotional g-spot)

and more healthy relating practices.

Our unique coaching method amplifies your voice, your value and your vision.  We help you unplug from the old mindset that makes you feel worst and help you to actively engage in becoming a great relationship partner.  

Enroll now.