January 24

Should You Start A Company In Uncertain Times?


Being a MusicMath™ Solutionist, I am always trying to find “the art imitates life” in all things.  For me this passes the litmus test.

It’s not how fast you go, it’s how slow you grow.

Driving these days is like being in the Indy 500.  Impatient drivers push the gas pedal to the floor, swerving and weaving their way up the highway, almost swiping the side of your car without a thought.  It is so easy to apply that quick, fast and in a hurry mentality to business– and love, for that matter. Just the same, nothing of redeemable value happens overnight.

I was Google searching “how small businesses survived the recession” and came upon some advice about business that made me stop and take notes.  A man who had been in business through economic ups and downs gave some sound advice to a lady questioning whether her husband should start an electrical business during recession or not. The answer was yes. He reasoned if the business could survive during a recession, it would certainly survive during economic improvement.   He went on to say, “All the small businesses I’ve seen survive are the ones that grew slowly, even when things are going hot and heavy. The ones who expand too quickly are the ones that end up losing their shorts.”  This, from a man who clearly knew what he was talking about.  He had worked in a family construction company since 1975.

Musically speaking (yep, I had to throw that in), good advice is sound advice.  To find out the most important takeaway in establishing your client base part of the conversation, you can do a painstaking Google search or you can simply click here and read it sprinkled with some MusicMath Magic!


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