Hi! My name is Suzette and I found love at 50!  

Find out how I did it and how my MusicMath® Approach can help you experience great love on your terms.

Here's How You Know


  • You are FED UP with where you are!  In fact, you have been praying, hoping and wishing for someone who can help you!
  • You've TRIED to find answers on your own but you've gone as far as you can and you need help connecting the dots
  • You're TIRED of waiting for things to change.  Your patience has run out.
  • You want MORE than a temporary fix.  You want to transform your love life and the type of men you date.
  • You've thought about it long enough.  You're ready for CHANGE.
  • You have worked on yourself and have grown a lot, but now you need GUIDANCE in recognizing your right partner.



  • Pursuing your dreams with a LOVING PARTNER supporting you and cheering you on
  • Waking up everyday feeling DEEPLY LOVED for who you are
  • Being with someone who gets you, REALLY GETS YOU
  • Having your FEELINGS RESPECTED without fear he'll retaliate
  • Feeling overwhelmed with GRATITUDE for the love you share

How would that feel?

How would that change your life?

My MusicMath® Approach to Dating and Relating

My MusicMath® Approach is specifically for self-determined women who reject the notion that they have to be less than who they are for a man to love them.  Yet, they don't know what they are doing wrong.  And because of that, they remain stuck in a cycle of failed relationships.  My approach gets to the source of the confusion so they can b-r-e-a-k the cycle and attract great love into their lives...on their own terms!  There are two focuses:

Your Relationship Self

Truth be told, there is a difference between who you are when you're not in a relationship vs who you are when you're in one.  My coaching approach helps you bring who you truly are to the table
Truth be told, chemistry and attraction, though romanticized, haven't worked in helping you to find lasting love. My coaching approach helps you protect your heart and become more intentional about who you give it to.
Truth be told, for all your efforts to change your experience of relationships, you still can't figure out how to succeed at love.  My coaching approach gives you insights and tools to do love differently.
and much, much more

Your Understanding Men

Truth be told, as much as you want a good man, you secretly fear that you'll do something to mess things up.  My coaching approach guides you to your Authentic Truth and empowers you to relate from it
Truth be told, the more a man shows interest in you, the more suspicious of him you become.  My coaching approach helps you distinguish between intuition and familiar fears
Truth be told, it's easier not to hope for true love than to keep getting disappointed.  My coaching approach helps you to recognize good men who would appreciate a woman like you
and much, much more

What Makes My Coaching Different

While there are reputable relationship professionals out there making a difference in countless lives, none of them was able to help me bridge the gap from where I was to their level of awareness.  Because I didn't understand the extent of the gap, I took what they said at face value.  When it didn't work, I couldn't understand why.  What was I doing wrong?  Why wasn't I good enough for their advice to work?  As a result, it only made me more confused and more doubtful of my own competence.  It took me until I was 50 years old to make the connection.  But it took help.  It took getting a vision of love bigger than validation-seeking, relationship coaching and a commitment to becoming my best relationship self to fill in the blanks.  Now, it all makes sense.  And I bring that sensibility to my coaching.

What My Clients Have To Say*...

After being divorced for 8 years, I was ready to meet a life partner. As seeing myself as someone who’s never had a successful relationship, the idea of beginning again was frightening and although I had done much self-discovery work in the years since the divorce, I still carried many preconceived notions about men and had no idea how to let go and move forward.  Connecting with Suzette was complete game changer!  After sitting through her “How to BREAK the Cycle of Failed Relationships” webinar, I was excited about the opportunity for a free SOS Session. Our time together came to a close with me feeling empowered.

L. Daniels
Chicago, IL

I was kind of lost in the self-help world, looking for direction in the wake of my divorce and sexual assault. I’d been hiding the most vulnerable and intimate parts of myself from potential partners. Within the first five minutes of the [S.O.S.] session, I had already experienced an Ah Ha! moment!  Working with Suzette will open your mind to the questions you’ve been asking yourself because she hears what your heart is seeking.  I’m now learning to trust that I can truly be all of myself.

S. LeLievre
Nova Scotia, Canada

I’ve never had counseling or coaching before and Suzette made me realize how much I actually needed it.  She made me see what I was actually doing wrong all these years.  Here, I thought it was only the men I was dating.  I’m constantly finding myself listening and remembering our sessions, being reminded of what I need to do when a particular situation would come up or if I meet a particular guy.  It feels good to know that there are things I can do to alleviate or mitigate some of my stressful interactions with men.  I definitely feel like I’ve become a better person and can honestly say that I look forward to dating again.

A. Travis
Montgomery Village, MD


*Individual results may vary based on readiness and level of commitment.  The goal of my coaching is to provide you with insights and solutions that are both practical and practicable to give you a better experience of life and relationships.   

If you'd like a nonjudgmental space to voice your concerns and see if my solution will be a right fit, schedule a private call.