June 22


Suzette Vearnon, Relationship Solutionist and Creator of the MusicMath™ Approach to Dating and Relating, is the Leader of Statistics Be Darned Community of Women and the Organizer and Host of the You Asked? Good Men Answered! Virtual Summit.

Suzette’s purpose and passion with this summit as well as with her other solutions is to amplify your voice, your value and your vision, allowing you to experience life and love in a brand new way.  Part of “brand new” is removing the L.I.D.S. (Limitations, Ideologies, Disconnects and Stories) that keep you small and creating a space where Love can thrive. 

Listen as she welcomes you as only she can.


attraction, dating advice, Good Men, healthy relationship with men, romantic intelligence, single women over 30, your value, your vision, your voice

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