Payment Options



12-month Same As Cash
(Autopay Only)

While this might be a popular option, it does require a 12-month commitment of a monthly draft from your debit or credit card.  A declined notification will suspend you from the program until it is resolved.  Two declined notifications will terminate you from the program.



5 Easy Payments

While auto pay is an option, there is more flexibility in how the customer wishes to make the payments.  However, payment terms must be agreed upon and require payments are made by due date.  Late or declined payment will result in suspension from the program until it is resolved.  Two declined payments will terminate you from the program.

Outside Financing
Paypal Credit

While there is no affiliate relationship between me and Paypal, I have found that clients have benefited from this option.  It's called Paypal Credit and it's a product of  It allows eligible Paypal Customers (there is a short online application) 6 months same as cash financing with minimum monthly payments.  Again, I am not affiliated or associated with this product in any way.  It is simply another option that I've used in the past that clients have found useful.

I look forward to working with you!!  For any questions or technical issues, feel free to contact me directly at