DO YOU SPEAK MALE is a 5-week online solution for the next-level woman who is ready to up level her relationships with men.  If you are ready to:

  • Be honest about what's not working
  • Be open to learn a language different from your own
  • Be willing to unlearn toxic long-held beliefs about men
  • Be active in your own transformation
  • Be accountable to the new experience of love you desire

...then read on!  If you aren't, this solution will only be another collector's item in your failed relationship display closet.  I respect it and I respect you too much to waste your time.

DO YOU SPEAK MALE will show you how to:

⇒ Communicate in a way that moves a man to action

De-Code what he's really saying instead of trying to figure it out

Create a Culture that both honors you and supports him

Shift your Context from who a man should be to who he is

⇒ Conduct your current or future relationships with certainty.


I really liked that you opened with what I could expect to learn. This focused my attention and put me on the hunt for the information you have.I always like your transparency and vulnerability about your personal life. I think it lends a level of credibility that pulls everything else together. You use illustrations that last in my head...I'll remember turtleing and learning to manage the clutch/gas pedal.

Sheila Tampa, FL May 24, 2020

Just finished watching all 5 videos and really enjoyed learning more about men. It has definitely deepen my understanding of the opposite sex.

Karishma Australia May 24, 2020

Omg Suzette!!! This is sooo good! This information is golden. Wish I had it in my early 20s. I’ve learned so much and I’m not even to the end of it.  Very refreshing and delivered in such a loving way. The entire time my thought process - oh I hope she’s writing a book about this one day. I know friends who are struggling in the dating phase & need information like this.

Rennes May 14, 2020

Watch this thought-provoking discussion about why it is essential that we do love differently


About Suzette

When you feel like you don't matter, you don't know that you deserve better. As a result, you get talked out of your voice, your value and your vision. That's why Life Coach and Relationship Solutionist Suzette Vearnon is passionate about her signature MusicMath® Approach to Relating. In her coaching of high achieving women who oftentimes have had at least one divorce in their past, she saw a recurring theme. They lost themselves in relationships. What usually preceded it was an underlying uncertainty about their enoughness that was never resolved. As a result, when it ended, they questioned their enoughness and whether the relationship end was their fault.

Suzette was very familiar with their plight. After two divorces and subsequent failed attempts at love, she felt the same. But when a 9-month relationship ended and her boyfriend said he was done with love. She replied, "I'm not going out like that. Somebody's son is going to love this woman!" With that, she turned in her resignation from victimhood and became the hero in her own love story. At age 50 she met her Forever Love and married him 5 years later. When folks tell her she's lucky and they hope that they'll experience love one day, she responds, "Luck had nothing to do with it. I worked for this."

"You don't need everybody, just the right somebody."

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