How great would you feel if you knew you were enough?

“Made me feel like I wasn’t alone”,
“Made me feel understood and that she had been through the same thing”,
“Got to the heart of the matter”,
“Challenged me to get honest about my relationship”

These are the words of men and women who have benefitted from my MusicMath® Approach!

What makes their words significant is I have had the pleasure of witnessing their transformation from struggle to celebration!  One was married to a gay man and it did a number on her self esteem.  Last I checked, she had met a wonderful man and was able to respond from a place of clarity and confidence.  Two others were skeptical yet hopeful attendees at one of my meetups. They are now married.

These aren’t women in their 20’s or even in their 30’s.  These are women in their 40’s on up who opened their hearts and attracted Great Love.

And of course, there is my story, the greatest testimonial of all!


“If you can Be your way through it, you will find your way to it.”


I was born in 1959 to two God-fearing parents living in rural Eastern North Carolina.  Despite their loving and sincere hearts and their devotion to their faith, home was not a happy place. My parents worked multiple jobs, leaving my older sister in charge of me and my baby sister.  My little 5-year-old self was so unhappy that I ran away from home.  I remember thinking that nobody would miss me (but secretly wanted them to) as I walked out the door.  I had gone for several blocks and happened to pass by a man who knew my family.  He talked me into going back home saying that my parents would be worried.  When I tip-toed back inside, I discovered that no one even realized I was gone. That left a sting that I carried well into my adulthood.

When you feel like you don’t matter, you don’t know that you deserve better.  As a result, you get talked out of your voice, your value and your vision.  That’s why I feel so passionately about this.  I spent so much of my life feeling like the real me was not enough.  Codependency paraded around like a red flag in front of a bull and reduced me to chasing after those who used me and rejecting those who really cared.

It’s taken me 50 years to figure this out.  But after years of struggle, getting help and rolling up my sleeves and doing the work, I have finally discovered what lies at the heart of every complaint, every dissatisfaction, and every desire.  And because of it, you don’t have to go through another day feeling powerless or not enough.  It’s this one thing.  We all want to matter.  We need to matter.  We need to know that what we want, who we are, what we do matters.  That’s why I coach.   I’ve been given the grace to reclaim my own soul, my own life and to finally have the love I’ve dreamed of. And it is my purpose and my passion to help you to do the same.

Whether it’s figuring out a way to have a better life or getting your confidence back after multiple bad relationships, my signature MusicMath® Approach reveals your Inner Power to attract GREAT into your life.  Contact me today!