Love On Your Terms


when no other terms will do

The countdown to November 7th 2022 has begun!

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You missed out!

You want real love in your life, but you're tired of having to sacrifice yourself to have it!

You want to be free to be who you are without feeling like you're doing something wrong when you do!

This masterclass is for you IF:

  • You're running out of time to get this love thing right.
  • You're 41, 55, 63 years old and you've never been in a committed relationship or been married.
  • You've had one or more divorces and haven't been able to trust men (or trust yourself) since.
  • You were perfectly fine not having a man until someone from your past came back into your life and now you yearn for MORE.

I've asked and you answered

Over the past several weeks, I've asked high achieving women over the age of 40 what their greatest struggles are in relationships. This is what you said:

  • "Settling!
  • I don't know if I'm enough for a good man to want me."
  • "I keep attracting unavailable men and don't know where the good ones are."
  • "I was perfectly fine until a man from my past showed back up."
  • "I haven't dated in years.  I don't know how to do it."
  • "I don't know whether to stick and stay with him or whether to cut him loose."
  • "I've been praying and waiting on God but sometimes it gets hard to stay hopeful."
  • "I feel like I'm running out of time!  I don't want to die alone."

Even your excuses are tired of hearing them!  You need answers and you need them now!

The week at a glance


Day 1: "Is It Me?"

Have you wondered, "Is it me?  Am I the reason why I can't get love right?"  On Day One, we're taking it head on!  I'll reveal the #1 reason why you keep attracting what you don't want instead of what you really really want and one thing you can do immediately to change it. 


Day 2: "What Am I Doing Wrong?"

Despite all the challenges you've overcome and the triumphs worthy of celebration, there is one area where even the most successful women fall short.  And that is in romantic relationships.  This leaves them to wonder, "What am I doing wrong?"  On Day Two, I'll focus on the road less taken.  For therein lies the answer and the solution. 


Day 3: Your Super Power To Attract Great Love

Did you know that, in relationships, you hold all the cards?  On Day 4, I'll share with you your winning hand.  I'll also introduce you to a woman over 50 who played her hand and experienced her first ever serious relationship 1-2 years after working with me.


Day 4: Where The Good Men Are

Having interviewed countless good men for my You Asked? Good Men Answered! Virtual Summit, one thing was crystal clear.  Good men are everywhere but few women recognize them.  On Day 5, we're going to take out our binoculars and go good man watching!  I'm also bringing along a woman who got her mojo back after divorce and attracted a good man within 2 years of working with me.


Day 5: "It's My Prerogative"

Of all the prerogatives, this one holds the key to whether you attract love or repel it:  it's your prerogative to change your mind! On Day 3, we'll venture behind the mask to the mindset that is keeping you stuck and offer you some liberating principles to power you forward.  

The results speak for themselves

Here are just three of the satisfied clients who overcame what felt like a lifetime of stuck!  Stuck in a cycle, stuck in a bad marriage and stuck in attracting men who didn't want a relationship.  But after working with me, these women attracted men who wanted something real too! 


Brooklyn NY

"I am enough and I know that I am!"

After years of having difficulty finding men who weren't just interested in sex, Andrenee attracted a committed relationship 1 year later.  Though he wasn't her forever love, she had an experience of being with a good man.  Now she's ready for her right man.


Greensboro NC

"I couldn't have trusted again had Suzette not coached me the way she did."

After meeting at a Healing Retreat, I worked with Chattie.  She was transitioning out of a 20+ year loveless marriage.  Two years later, she met a wonderful man and they've been going strong for almost 6 years.


Montgomery Village, MD

"I've never had a serious relationship before"

When I met Adrienne, she had no problem getting dates but she wanted more.  She wanted a committed relationship.  Just 5 months after working with her, she attracted it and told me she was preparing to meet his family come Thanksgiving.  

What you can expect is...

So many aha's that you won't be able to write fast enough or type fast enough for it blowing your ever loving mind.  It won't be that drip drip of what you've already heard a kazillion times.  But it'll feel like somebody hears you, sees you and gets you.  

You won't feel alone in your struggle.

You won't feel alone in your struggle.  All week, you'll be surrounded by women who, like you, want to know and to be known.

You'll be able to exhale. 

You won't feel like stuck has you by the throat.  You can take off that darn mask and be your true self in your relationships.

You'll finally get the right answers.

You'll get proven insight into your relationship struggle. You'll finally connect the dots to the answers that have eluded you for the right way!  

You'll see your path out of stuck.

You'll be provided a proven pathway to great love with proven results. No longer will you have to trial-and-error your way through relationships only to be right back where you started.  


What would a five day masterclass be without some bonuses?  Here are three that are sure to enhance your experience!

Bonus 1
Bonus Sessions and Opportunities to Connect 1-on-1 about your relationship goals

We realize that knowledge without understanding won't help you resolve your relationship issues, so to reinforce what you've learned, we've sprinkled in some bonus Q&A sessions and opportunities for one-on-one conversations about your relationship goals. The clarity you receive will last long after the masterclass is over.

Bonus 2
Downloadable Workbooks, Training Materials and Access to Replays Throughout the Masterclass

We're going to help you capture your most transforming takeaways by providing you downloadable workbooks and access to replays of the nightly sessions and mid day huddles!  So just in case you can't come to a session or you have to jump on late, you won't miss a thing and you won't fall behind.  

Bonus 3
A Grand Prize valued at $9000 for some lucky winner that will completely transform their love lives

There will be a grand prize valued at $9000.  Yes, $9000.  To be eligible you have to attend every session and mid day check in (replays count for international participants), do your homework, and be present when it's offered! Women who do this will be eligible! You will want it!!

About Suzette Vearnon

Suzette is a life coach and relationship solutionist who helps high achieving women get more from their romantic relationships.  Her own arduous pathway to love required a new approach.  No longer could she afford to "fall in love" - it was leaving her all banged up - but she wasn't sure what to do.  It wasn't until her late 40's that a significant piece of the puzzle was revealed. She decided that sink or swim, she was going to date authentically.  That's when things began to change.

As she moved in the direction of authenticity, she found it to be the path out that had alluded her for all her adult life.  Her MusicMath® Approach to Dating and Relating is the culmination of that journey and her methodology, a roadmap that others can follow.  

Suzette found love at 50 and is now happily married to her husband Robert.  Her life's work is to help other women over 40 find their authentic path to great love!

Here’s what people are saying about Suzette


Chicago, IL

I had never had a successful relationship!

After being divorced for 8 years, I was ready to meet a life partner. As seeing myself as someone who’s never had a successful relationship, the idea of beginning again was frightening and although I had done much self-discovery work in the years since the divorce, I still carried many preconceived notions about men and had no idea how to let go and move forward. I knew I needed some help.  Connecting with Relationship Solutionist, Suzette Vearnon was a complete game changer!  Suzette listened intently and heard my concerns. Our time together left me feeling empowered with the knowledge that I don't need to do anything. I just have to be. 


Atlanta, GA

I had done self work singularly but she helped me do it relationally

When I first heard about relationship coaching, I thought it was learning to basically be an actress. I didn't want that. But coaching with Suzette is not that. It's taking the self work I'd done singularly and teaching me how to do it relationally. With Suzette's help, I tapped into a realm that I have never known before. I sat and thought about everything. I've been acting out in relationships what I saw growing up. And it was wrong.


Nova Scotia, Canada

She hears what your heart is seeking

When I had my session with Suzette, I was kind of lost in the self-help world, looking for direction in the wake of my divorce and sexual assault. Within the first five minutes of the coaching session, I had already experienced an Ah Ha! moment when Suzette asked me why I was putting so much pressure on myself to have it all figured out?  Working with Suzette will open your mind to the questions you’ve been asking yourself because she hears what your heart is seeking.

On a personal note...

Listen Sis, I know it's scary to open yourself up to the possibility that you can actually experience real love, especially after one failed attempt after another.  But I'm here to tell you that your story doesn't have to end that way.  You are just stuck! With the right insight and tools, you can get unstuck.  Take off that mask somebody else gave you and stand in the Light of your own enoughness.  See you November 7th! 

Even if past attempts at love have failed, it's not too late!