February 6

Let’s Talk Money


On January 19, 2017, Ryan Ray, CEO of Triangle Entrepreneurial Leadership and I talked with a diverse group of men and women interested in becoming smarter with their money. Like me, they were interested in doing the math (positioning themselves financially) so that whatever happened on Capitol Hill would be of little to no consequence. For some reading this, with the recent legislation, it may sound like a lofty thought, but I think of it like this. If S.B. Fuller could become a millionaire during segregation, there has to be music and math to money.

Ryan gave me the book, THE FINANCIAL MATRIX. It takes a look back at the history of money and how we were brought into a system designed to keep us in debt. From the real intention behind the creation of paper money to the constant bombardment of advertisements designed to make us want what we cannot afford. Like the Pied Piper, the melody puts us in a trance.  Key to smart spending is decreasing expenses and increasing investments. I came away with what I believe is  the most underrated investment.


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