February 6

Investment Turned Expense


In the previous blog, The Most Underrated Investment, we looked at how Prada shoes can be an expense turned investment if one can turn a profit. By the same token, an investment can easily become an expense if nothing is done with it.

I see this most in my work with my clients. When they come to me, they are experiencing a discomfort in their lives, their relationships or their business.  They need something to change and change right now.  Their commitment to the process aligns what is out of balance with their voice, their value or their vision.  However, once their discomfort is gone, they can become complacent.

What I’ve found common in my success stories is they’ve truly tapped into the music.  Their behaviors aligned with that music brings balance and harmony to their lives.  Those are my success stories. But there are also women whom I’ve coached who, when I talked with them months later, they are in the same stuck mindset.

True leaders understand that leading themselves is over half the battle.  And to that end, they are willing to commit themselves.


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