Your Voice, Your Value, Your Vision

Enter the Drawing in Just Two Easy Steps

First, listen to "What Is Your Enough Factor?" The Virtual Edition.  It's a 60-75 minute web training that lifts the L.I.D.S. of
that prevent high achieving dream-driven women from experiencing true and lasting love.  L.I.D.S. like "Men are intimidated by strong women" and "A woman has to be less than who she is in order to have a man," these and more diss-IN-powering (meaning, you diss and dismiss your own powerfulness) beliefs aren't just exposed but are completely debunked as participants discover their SUPER POWER to have GREAT LOVE. 
Secondly, record a 3-5 minute video where you answer the question, "Why I Am Enough?"  In this video, you are challenged to look behind what you do and what you have accomplished to the person doing the accomplishing.  The unsung hero of your story.  The Wiz behind the curtain.  The brilliant living being that has been hushed when, in reality, is the star of your life and is exactly who your Mr. Right has been waiting for.  
Post your recordings in my Statistics Be Darned/ I Am Enough Community on Facebook.  You will be entered into a lottery to receive a full scholarship to our exclusive 4-week program.  You will be notified via email if you are a winner.  So keep an eye on your email! 

What Is Your Enough Factor? Web Training

The "What Is Your Enough Factor?" web training exposes the L.I.D.S. 's and how high performing women unknowingly diss-IN-power themselves in their relationships with men.  The 4-week program removes the L.I.D.S. piece-by-piece and fosters clarity, confidence and mastery.


Says J. Garner, "This is not your typical workshop.  You can't leave and go back to things as usual.  You have to take responsibility and make some decisions."

Says A. Boothe, "Thank you Suzette Vearnon for unapologetically showing up for me at a time in my life when my soul felt like my existence in the Earth was a mistake. When it felt incomplete. Thank you for being one of my Wayshowers! I salute You!"

 And those are just two of the phenomenal women whose lives have been changed.  It doesn't matter what's happened in your life before today.  All it takes is one powerful aha to interrupt the disrupt and spark a revolution in your evolution.

Let's recap:


FIRST, listen to the "What Is Your Enough Factor?" Web Training


SECOND, record your "Why I Am Enough" 3-5 minute video


THIRD, upload the video to Statistics Be Darned/I Am Enough Community page on Facebook


Do all by January 5, 2018 11:59p.m. to be entered to win a full scholarship to the exclusive 4-week program.  Bookmark this page, mark your calendar, do whatever you have to do so you don't miss this opportunity.  Now, sign up now for the free web training!


Your Organizer and Host

Suzette Vearnon is A Relationship Solutionist with a MusicMath Approach to Dating and Relating.  After getting married at age 55, Suzette was recruited by a higher purpose to IN-power other women, like her, who struggled in their relationships with men.  Her Statistics Be Darned message began to resonate with women all over the globe, offering them hope and urging them not to settle for less than GREAT LOVE.
Her Why I Am Enough campaign energetically joins forces with the #metoo movement in an effort to redefine how men treat women, but even more importantly, how women treat themselves.  With her books, programs and solutions, she not only tells women they are enough, she answers the question behind the question: "Why Am I Enough?"  For once a woman resolves that for herself, she is powerful beyond measure!
In resolving her L.I.D.S., she was able to hear the sound of her voice, redefine her own value and create a new vision for her life and relationships.  One thing was missing though.  She didn't know how to interrupt before disrupt.  In other words, she didn't know how to stop diss-IN-powering thoughts from sabotaging her.
She soon realized that two things were critical:
  • First, her mindset.  She had to stop allowing L.imitations, I.deologies, D.isconnects and S.tories to keep her stuck in a reality she did not want.
  • Second, men.  She had to recognize that what she didn't know was hurting her.  She had to learn to speak male.  She had to understand the culture behind his words and the man behind the culture.
Her discovery of her own enough factor and her own super power to attract great love is  the foundation for her "What Is Your Enough Factor?" Web Training and her Enough Virtual Workshop.