Achievement is a good thing. Performing well is a good thing.  The problem is our success or failure has been left up to someone else to decide.  The purpose of your I Am Enough Transformational Journey isn't to grow into a better version of what someone else thinks you should be.  It is to awaken you to your enoughness, teach you what you don't know and give you the tools to navigate relationships authentically.  



Get clear

Every journey starts with 6 words:  Where do you want to go?  Sounds simply, but it's just as complicated as asking someone "What do you want?"  If you can get clear about where you are now and where you want to be, you will change your experience.  If you're stuck in a cycle or attracting what you don't want, it's most likely that you aren't clear about that.

We'll help you:
M. ove out of a stuck place and get back into the flow of your life

I. ncrease your sense of worth and value so you can make clearer decisions
N. eutralize comparing yourself to other folks and your relationship with other folks' relationships
D. iscipline your thoughts and your actions in accordance with what you say you want.

Get moving

Be more committed to the destination. If you're use to falling back into old patterns or going around and around stuck in a cycle, this is where you'll need the most help.  Moving forward is foreign to you.  So nothing or very little will look familiar. If you're not committed to the destination, you'll spend more time checking the rearview mirror, asking folks for directions, second-guessing your roadmap and feeling overwhelmed by the journey.

We'll help you:
M. obilize your actions in the direction of where you want to go
O. wn your successes and rebound quickly from your failures
V. isualize what relationship success looks like for you
E. levate your commitment to that vision

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Take the lead

The challenge here is going from wanting a relationship to actually being in one.  You've done the work to know what you want and that you deserve it.  Now, it's time to recognize him when he shows up.

We'll help you:
L. isten more, fantasize less,
E. ducate yourself about this new place,
A. ct from an authentic place vs people-pleasing place,
D. evelop a wise heart that can be trusted.

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This is your roadmap to relationship success.  By taking this approach to relationships, you'll:

🥰 heal the distorted views you have of relationships and of yourself

🥰 participate in dating and relating more authentically

🥰 make wise decisions about who you spend your time with going forward

And I'll be cheering you on all the way!!