October 7

Get Your Butt Up!


I felt so bad yesterday. In fact, I loafed around for most of the day, occasionally tapping the key on my laptop to wake it up so I could watch the Emerging Women Livestream. I was so tired. I mean really, really tired and I wasn’t sure why. Every move I made took so much effort. I was also experiencing a resurgence of my acid reflux. I couldn’t understand it. After all, I had been taking my vitamins and eating reasonably right. I was taking the supplements recommended by my naturopathic doctor. So why was I feeling like my feet were trying to walk through quicksand?


The lightbulb came like a gentle yet impactful matter-of-fact. You are too sedentary, that’s what I heard. You see, I can easily spend the entire day either working on my laptop or pressing my remote control to watch television. Don’t get it wrong, I’m working all the time. Yet, because most of what I do is virtual and my office is home-based, my desk chair most times is my recliner that rocks and…well…reclines.


Another answer came while visiting one of my good girlfriends. Yep, I mustered up enough energy to go to her home to spend some time. It had been a long while and I missed connecting with humans. So, I got up. Got dressed. Went to her house to chill with her. As we talked about how I can be so focused on work that I forget to eat sometimes, she mentioned that someone she knew who spent so much time indoors was suffering with some skin issues. “She wasn’t getting enough Vitamin D,” my friend said. “Supplements are okay but they can’t compete with good ole sunlight.”

This morning, I was determined to do two things: one, get my butt up off that chair and two, get some sunlight.


Get my butt up.

So, I began my day simply moving. Nothing big or planned but simply moving around. Instead of starting my day checking Facebook and my email messages, I decided to go downstairs, forego my turkey sausage with blueberry pancakes and make Avocado Toast instead. Then I made a smoothie. It wasn’t my usual chocolate pudding recipe made with avocado. It’s off the chain, by the way. It was my own version of a strawberry smoothie with a scoop of Amazing Grass Digest and Detox powder added in. In between and during the preparation of my eclectic breakfast choices, I did random movements. Nothing planned. Deep breathing followed by a few yoga poses. A bit of Suzette-yo cardio. It’s my own version of jumping jacks. About 10 of them…lol! I even did some planking. I planked until I felt tired, went into the child’s pose of yoga to rest, planked again, child pose and so on. I think I did it 3 times. I went upstairs and grabbed my two 5 lb weights off the floor. Worked on my arms and trapes.


Something amazing happened. I felt tighter and taller. I don’t know if it was in my imagination, but that’s a good place for it to start. Studies say that activities that bring us pleasure tend to be repeated. I definitely will repeat this! I felt more energized. I felt more inspired. I felt powerful.


Something else unexpected happened. Between my yoga pose and planking, I noticed an email on my cell phone. It was from Art of Love Series and said “Do you hate exercise? — Here’s how to get your body moving!” Intrigued by the fact that this was happening in tandem with my efforts, I clicked on it. Right after the “Hi Dear Suzette,” was “Do you sit at a desk for more than 6 hours a day?” Y’all this is the truth. The absolute truth. It blew me away. As I read through the email, I became aware that Infinite Intelligence was saying “Do it now!” and Infinite Abundance provided by inviting me to sign up for Erin Stutland’s 5-minute workout challenge.


Get some sunlight.

To be honest, I didn’t feel like going walking. Maybe that’s why as soon as I got ready to walk out of the house, the clouds gathered outside my window. I wasn’t disappointed about not going walking. I was disappointed about not getting my 20 minutes of sunlight though. As luck would have it, the sun came back out by the time I sat down. I wasn’t going to be fooled this time though. You know, getting my walk on only to get caught in a downpour. No way. Observing this flirtation the clouds were having with the sun, I decided to position a chair by the window so I could catch the sun’s rays. It worked. The sun came back out and warmed on my back. The hot flash was worth it.


The Universe was committed for it conspired to get me into more sunlight. A friend (the same friend in fact) gave me a call. She had some car troubles. Not only was I available to help, but felt energized and grateful to be able to help. We took a few moments to continue to talk once I got her home. The sun came out while we were sitting in the car. I rolled my window down. So did she. “I guess we are both going to get some Vitamin D,” I said. We sat there and sweated happily, knowing that we were giving our bodies what they needed. Truly, Paulo Coelho is right. When you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.


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