The greatest lesson I learned is
You have to know what you want before the relationship starts
For 5 days, good men took us inside the minds of men differentiating between kings, princes and fools, telling you what good men want you to know and bad men will never tell.  Now what?  
Most of the time, we get excited about what we hear and that's the extent of it.  It's back to life as usual. Sadly, those who do that only get more of the same.  But I don't want more of the same, Suzette!   
A exit the same ole same ole... enter... 



"Queens, Princesses and Handmaidens:  

What Empowered Women Do That Victims Never Will"


Online Workshop
Anywhere, USA



This webshop (web workshop) is the brainchild of Suzette Vearnon and Alicia Randolph, originating with the 2016 You Asked? Good Men Answered! Second Annual Virtual Summit. Two sisters talking candidly about why, after summits such as this one there is no change:

  • Some women will get excited about Summit, talk about how good it was and feel good for a few days afterwards. Other than that, they'll do nothing.
  • Other women will take lots of notes and convince themselves that they are different now. They'll put themselves out there again. But when they meet Bill Sexy, Joe Attentive or Max Potential, their old patterns and beliefs will kick in.

And then there will be Queens, like you, who truly "get it." Queens who have gotten a vision of themselves, bigger than the one they had prior to the summit. These women won't settle for a Prince no matter how dashing or a Fool no matter how entertaining. They will require more!


  • Educate the Handmaiden.  The handmaiden has no other self-concept than to serve the will of those around her lest she be harmed, replaced or overlooked altogether.  
  • Grow up the Princess.  The princess lives in the realm of entitlement and though she dreams outside the realm, she lacks the self-actualization needed to rule.
  • Crown the Queen.  The queen doesn't seek to repudiate her inner handmaiden or princess. Rather, she has learned self-governance in her evolutionary journey.  


Queens are the first to invest in themselves. This intense 2-hour webshop costs $449 to attend.  For summit attendees, however, the price is $349, a $100 savings!!   In our 2-hour session, you will:

  • Take your aha's from You Asked? Good Men Answered! Virtual Summit and formulate self-governing principles
  • Put together a well-thought-out plan of action for your relationships
  • Jump-start your plan with a relationship assignment specific to you
  • Commit to a follow up accountability session
Queens are prepared.  As a preliminary to the webshop, for 5 days, you will receive daily lessons designed to help you to get clear about who you are now.  
Sure you are a Queen, but are you behaving like a handmaiden or a princess?  
Alicia is going to help you connect the dots!  




chievement is a good thing. Performing well is a good thing.  The problem is our success or failure has been left up to someone else to decide.  The purpose of your I Am Enough Transformational Journey isn't to grow into a better version of what someone else thinks you should be.  It is to awaken you to this thing:  You are enough.  You were born enough.  You are enough.  You always will be enough.  The only person who must be convinced of that is you.  It is my passion and privilege to give you all the tools in my arsenal:  my experiences, my training and my uncommon Divine wisdom to help to finally recognize yourself.  You are enough!