Dating Authentically

Week Four brings everything full circle.  You finally connect the dots, understanding where missteps happened and understanding your power to create a different experience.  You'll also understand that the Universe has been working for you all the time, you just didn't know it.
In this, Part Four, of our series, we explore who is going on your dates:  the real you or an imposter.


You'll learn:

  • What it really means to date authentically
  • The power of what you already possess
  • What the biggest barrier is to you having the love you desire
  • The difference between strong feminine vs strong masculine

This video is an introduction.  Participants in my Enough Virtual Workshop dive more deeply into bringing your authentic self to the date as well as:

  • Powerful femininity
  • The Universe wants to love you

Everything starts with you.  By the end of Week Four, your L.I.D.S. are completely exposed for what they really are.  And you'll be able to allow the Powerful You to lead.

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