Decoding A Man's Language

Week Three sheds some light on how you come across in relationships and gives you tools to become more effective in communicating authentically in your relationships.

In this, Part Three, of our series, our focus is decoding a man's language.



You'll learn:

  • Why it is important to know the context behind what a man says
  • Not to take what he says at "feminine value"
  • How to get out of your own head to asking for clarity
  • Why it is important to stop arguing symptoms and get down to values

This video is an introduction.  Participants in my Enough Virtual Workshop dive more deeply into A Man's Language as well as:

  • Online dating the right way
  • Attractive out loud

Everything starts with you.  By the end of Week Three, you will begin to separate the voices in your head that are fueled by L.I.D.S. that aren't even true.

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