Anger Distortions

Week Two reveals the disconnect between your voice, your value and your vision.  How erroneous beliefs derail your clarity, confidence and mastery, giving rise to repeated unsuccessful relationships.  

In this, Part Two, of our series, you will hear what was a game-changer for me:  Anger Distortions!



You'll learn:

  • The distorted ways of thinking that fuel L.I.D.S.
  • What it means when you have an intense reaction to something
  • The "outs" we give ourselves that keeps us in denial
  • How underlying resentment is toxic to your relationships

Is fear distorting your thinking?

This video is an introduction.  Participants in my Enough Virtual Workshop dive more deeply into Anger Distortions as well as:

  • When It's Intuition and When It's Not
  • Protecting Your Emotional G-Spot

Everything starts with you.  By the end of Week Two, you will begin to separate the voices in your head that are fueled by L.I.D.S. that aren't even true.

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