The Law of Attraction is always working

Week One sets the stage, diving more deeply into the erroneous beliefs about you that present themselves in your dating and relating personality and replacing those beliefs with guiding principles that will be supported in the next 3 weeks.  
In this, Part One, of our series, you will hear why The Law of Attraction is always working!


You'll learn:

  • The Law Of Attraction is not focus, focus, focus and it will happen
  • You've made the perfect decisions to bring you to where you are in life
  • How to get clear about what you envision and reverse engineer
  • The Law Of Attraction is never fooled.  It responds to the energy you put out not your words

What kind of individual are you attracting into your life?

This video is an introduction.  Participants in my Enough Virtual Workshop dive more deeply into the Law of Attraction as well as:

  • Intention | Attention | No Tension
  • You Matter

Everything starts with you.  By the end of Week One, it will become clear that your relationship experience was not to show you who the other person was.  It was to show you who you are!

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