It's not what you know, it's what you don't know that's holding you back!


In our What Is Your Enough Factor? Workshop and Virtual Edition, you discovered your super power for great love.  We identified the L.I.D.S. that keep you from experiencing that love.  They are:





While you can't fix what you won't acknowledge, it is also true that you can't fix it just by acknowledging it.

Grit, Work and Conscious Effort are required to

p u s h beyond those LIMITATIONS,

c h a l l e n g e those IDEOLOGIES,

c o n n e c t those DISCONNECTS and

r e w r i t e those STORIES.


It all starts with your mind

Participants will:

M. ove up out of the cycle

At the webinar, we identified what motivates our behavior:  either validation-seeking to values-centered relating.  At this course, you will look behind the validation seeking to what triggers it.  You will get help with the 5 Whys and get assistance in figuring out the counter measure that is most authentic.

No longer will you give and give at your own expense.  You will move up on your priority list.

I. ncrease your worth and value

At the webinar, we identified behaviors that undermine your voice, your value and your vision.  We talked about some dating and relating personalities we revert to in order to protect ourselves.  At this course, we will explore those personalities more fully and the distorted beliefs that fuel them.

I heard Dawn Nicole of BrandDisco, LLC say, " Your value is what you say.  People don't determine that.  They only decide what it's worth to them."

N. eutralize comparing yourself with others

At the webinar, we discovered our super power to have great love.  We introduced the MusicMath formula.  At this course, you will learn how to apply the formula to your relationships.  You will get clear on your enough factors and them being enough to attract great love in your life.  No longer will you need to compare yourself to someone else.  You'll understand and regard your own enoughness.

ominate your space

The disease to please always leave your space vacant.  As a result, you aren't there for yourself.  At the webinar, we learned the one word that turns the wrong man off, gets a good man's respect and grabs the right man's attention.  But that word is only as powerful as the person using it.  At this course, you will craft an authentic "No" and practice saying it from an Inner Powered place.  You will be held accountable to treat yourself well and learn to be someone you can count on.


  • NO MORE will you judge yourself by a man's actions
  • NO MORE will you judge yourself by a man's opinion
  • NO MORE will you settle for less than what you deserve

If you are ready for your relationships to change from the inside out, register now for $459!

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Internet access is all you need! 

"You don't need everybody, just the right somebody."

About Suzette

Hi, I'm Suzette Vearnon.  On December 27, 2014 on my 55th birthday, I did something that statistics would not have predicted.  I got married to the most wonderful man.  It wasn't my looks, my charms or my savvy dating that did it.  It was that after 49 years of being on this Earth it was no longer okay for me to stop being myself in my relationships with men.  With this realization came a startling revelation. I didn't know how to be myself.  All I had ever seen or known was women accommodating men.
You see, I was taught that love = performance.  So it was difficult for me to grasp that a man could love me without my attempts to accommodate him.  I needed help.  I hired a coach.  It was a painstaking process; but in time, I found my rhythm.  I discovered my super power wasn't in what I did.  It was in who I was.  The journey was about finding my Enough Factor.  And it is my purpose and passion to help you to find yours.