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If the way you're doing love isn't working, it's time to do love differently!

Break the cycle and attract great love… even if other attempts at love have failed!

The countdown has begun!

November 15, 2022 at 12 MIDNIGHT (EASTERN TIME)


You missed out!

This Program Is For You IF:

  • You are a mature woman and you don't have time for games.  You are ready for love...point...blank...period.
  • You are tired of coming up against the same relationship issues.  You're ready to end this vicious cycle once and for all.
  • You've outgrown wanting a Prince Charming to rescue you.  You want to become your own rescue and rule beside a King!
  • You know that you deserve better and you're ready to become your best relationship self so you can have it.
  • You don't want empty promises or temporary fixes.  You want high level coaching with integrity and proven results.

Doing Love Differently Transformation Program

Doing Love Differently is more than an online course.  It's a transformational coaching program that teaches you how to stop making the wrong turns that keep bringing you right back to the same dead end relationships.  

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up


Onboarding Session

Upon entering our program, you have a private 1:1 session with us where we we'll look at where you are now, where you want to be and how to best utilize the program for maximum results.  We have found that it's less intimidating and overwhelming than entering a program not knowing what to do and where to go first.


Weekly Mastery Classes

These classes focus on helping you to "master" your belief energy instead of it mastering you, thereby transforming how you see yourself and relationships.  And we take it a step further.  We teach you healthy relationship skills to replace the unhealthy ones you've developed from failed relationships, situationships and unresolved trauma. 


Weekly Identity Check Ins

Every week Coach Alicia, "The Identity Curator", will do check in's to make sure you are staying true to your most authentic identity.  With expertise in guiding individuals in all areas of work and service who oftentimes lose themselves in their roles, she keeps you focused on you so you don't get lost in the shuffle. 


Modulized Study Materials

Each month, you'll get monthly study materials and content delivered in a modulized fashion. These materials help  you to deeply dive into the conditioned mindsets and behaviors that keeps you locked in a cycle and helps you to see your way out.  The monthly modules are detailed below.


Confidence Building Challenges

Practice makes perfect.  Likewise, challenges are given as homework assignments to put into practice what you're learning week-to-week, to reacquaint you with your feminine power and to raise your confidence level around men.  In short, they help you get your mojo back...and own it!


S.O.S Session(s)

As the name suggests, this is a special 1:1 session to help you get unstuck or navigate any overwhelming relationship challenge that arises.  This session is also an important disrupter to the heightened anxiety one can experience on this journey.  Knowing you have a safe and reliable set of ears and skills to help you come through it in a healthy way is invaluable.


The Love Library

A 24/7 place you can come and access on-demand instruction in the form of training videos, audios and more to supplement what you're learning and zero in on specific issues. It is constantly being updated with fresh content.


Supportive Community

You'll be a part of our  Private Doing Love Differently Facebook Community where you can share your wins, ask questions, receive timely responses and get loved on without needing to wear a mask or fear retaliation.

benefit 1

You'll discover what really makes you enough in your relationships

No longer will you operate under the belief that it's what you do that makes you worthy of love. You'll redefine what makes you enough and learn to date and relate from Authentic Truth. 

benefit 2

You'll learn what daddy didn't teach and momma didn't know about relationships

Instead of "falling" in love and hoping for the best, my program removes the guesswork from love and offers a proven approach to relating. It allows you to see the cliff up ahead sooner rather than later so you can detour instead of crashing and burning.

benefit 3

You'll attract romantic partners who actually see you and recognize the gift you are.

No longer will you get snared in entanglements and dead-end relationships mired in mutual neediness.  You'll learn to be fully present and only allow people into your intimate space who appreciate you for it.  The more comfortable you get in asserting yourself, the more available you are for great love.

About Suzette

Suzette is a life coach and relationship solutionist who helps high achieving women redefine what makes them enough, on their own terms, so they can break the cycle of failed relationships and attract great love into their lives.  Her signature MusicMath® Approach to Dating and Relating breaks with conventional ideology of "falling in love"  and offers women a more empowered pathway.  

Since the age of 10 years old, Suzette has coached people in holding their note and singing in harmony with others.  Yet, two failed marriages and subsequent failed attempts at love resulted in her losing her voice. No longer could she distinguish it from those around her.  But with focused determination and descent into deeper truth, she found it and learned to bring it into her romantic relationships.  At age 50, she met great love personified in her husband Robert!

 With that lived experienced, she got a renewed since of purpose: to encourage women over 40 not to settle and not to believe the statistics.  And it is from that awareness that she helps high achieving women disconnect from mental and emotional stuckness and navigate their way forward with intention and confidence.  

What clients have praised most is Suzette's genuine ability to put them at ease even when delivering honest feedback, her willingness to expose the good, the bad and the ugly of her own love journey and her ability to articulate so clearly the depths of their experience and desire.

Here’s what people are saying about me

Alesha Puckett

Atlanta, GA

I had done self work singularly but you helped me do it relationally

When I first heard about relationship coaching, I thought it was learning to basically be an actress. I didn't want that. But coaching with Suzette is not that. It's taking the self work I'd done singularly and teaching me how to do it relationally. With Suzette's help, I tapped into a realm that I have never known before. I sat and thought about everything. I've been acting out in relationships what I saw growing up. And it was wrong.

Shannon LeLievre

Nova Scotia, Canada

She hears what your heart is seeking

When I had my session with Suzette, I was kind of lost in the self-help world, looking for direction in the wake of my divorce and sexual assault. Within the first five minutes of the coaching session, I had already experienced an Ah Ha! moment when Suzette asked me why I was putting so much pressure on myself to have it all figured out?  Working with Suzette will open your mind to the questions you’ve been asking yourself because she hears what your heart is seeking.

Bonnie Kaye

Philadelphia, PA

She had us all mesmerized

Suzette was a guest coach and speaker at a women's healing workshop I conducted in Dulles, Virginia.  Women from around the world gathered to learn how to become whole again.  Suzette was so inspiring--she had all of us mesmerized with her words of strength and encouragement. i highly recommend her to any venue that needs a speaker to inspire, strengthen and rebuild self esteem.

Doing Love Differently Modules

Here's an overview of the program


Module 1: The Cycle of Self Betrayal

We are starting at the ground floor of your relationship struggle.  This module brings to light the subtle and not-so-subtle ways you betray yourself in relationships.


Module 2: The Origins of Mistrust

Building on the previous one, this module brings to light the missed opportunities in your relationships to trust yourself rather than betray yourself. 


Module 3: Attracting Mr. Wrongs

Rather than reflecting on your experience with men, this module takes you beyond that to your attraction for what's toxic and doesn't align with who you are and what you truly desire.


Module 4: Rediscovering You

Here is where you rediscover your voice, your value and your vision - who you are authentically - by shedding the definitions that formed the L.I.D.S. and writing a new definition of what makes you enough on your terms.  


Module 5: Do You Speak Male?

What you don't know does hurt you.  For this reason, this module helps you to understand men and recognize the ones who best complement you.


Module 6: Attracting Great Love

This module is all about self-mastery and the discipline not to be led astray by chemistry.  It focuses on your relationship self and guides you in becoming more wise with your heart and only allowing great love into your intimate space.  

The results are verifiable

A. Boothe

Brooklyn, NY

"I now know that I am enough and deserving of love"

After years of having difficulty finding men who actually wanted a relationship, Andrenee discovered she was enough and attracted a committed relationship 1 year later.  It's been about 4 years later and they're still together.

C. McGill

Greensboro, NC

"If Suzette had not coached me the way she did, I never would have trusted again."

After meeting at a Healing Retreat, I worked with Chattie.  She was transitioning out of a 30 year loveless marriage.  Two years later, she met a wonderful man and they've been going strong for almost 5 years.   

A. Travis

Montgomery Village, MD

"I didn't know what I was doing wrong"

When I met Adrienne, she had no problem getting dates, she just couldn't find one who saw her as their forever love.  Just 5 months after working with her, she got into her first serious relationship.  At last check, they were still dating a year later.

What makes us different

My Deep Dive Coaching Methodology and MusicMath® Approach To Dating and Relating break with tradition.  Neither tries to give you insights and tools into playing a love game that was never created for you.  They don't brag of exploiting the system or out-gaming it neither do they offer you tips and tricks to get a man to fall madly in love with you.  Rather, they offer the one true path to great love:  aligning with your Authentic Truth and learning to be yourself in relationships.  


Why six months?

Transformation takes time.  While studies have shown that one can break a habit in 21 days, studies have also shown that the longer you participate in a program, the greater your likelihood of sustained results.  

do you have a payment plan?

Yes.  It's 6 monthly payments (processing fees may apply)

do you offer coupons or a discount code? 

One time offers are time limited and never to be duplicated again.  So, if a one time offer is extended, take advantage of it!  

if i'm already seeing a therapist, do i need coaching too?

Oftentimes, women who participate in my coaching programs are doing some type of self work, personal development or may even be in therapy.  My clients have reported that my coaching style complements the therapeutic process and my programs offer them a way to implement what they've learned.  

do you also offer individual coaching?

Yes I do.  While one-on-one coaching gives you 100% of my attention, having a community of like-hearted women to support you in between sessions can be invaluable.  

do you only coach women?

Though I am gaining popularity with men on social media, my passion is to empower women to see themselves and see men differently.  On occasion I do coach men on a case-by-case basis.  

do you only coach heterosexual women?

Male-female relationships are my specialty.  However, I have coached both gay women and straight women who have unknowingly married gay men in finding their voice and forging their own authentic path forward.  

On A Personal Note

This program is my love letter to you: the passionately heart-connected woman who is the rock and anchor for so many. You give to the point of exhaustion, then turn around and give more.  YOU ARE SUPER WOMEN!  But that super hero cape has gotten heavy especially in your romantic relationships! That's why I created this program.  It's to let you know that I see you and to hold up a mirror so you can see just how fabulous you are! So fabulous, in fact, that you don't have to lose yourself to have love!!  You are more than enough just being you.  And given the right tools, you can attract great love into your life!  I know it from experience and have seen true liberation as women discover their super power! I want that for you!  Will you say yes to love?  Will you say yes to you?  You're worth the investment!