How deep is your love?

Have you ever wondered why resolutions don't work?
Life Coach and Author Mike Bayer said, "the reason most resolutions don't work is because they aren't attached to something deeper."  That's so true!  It's why resolutions to lose weight, to eat right and to be open to love don't last!
If you are here, you want to meet that special someone, right?
But until what you want is aligned with something deeper, you are doomed to start each New Year with an impassioned resolve that fizzles over time. So instead of staying in shallow waters, let's go deeper. Deeper inside to where promises are kept.  That's the depth we are striving for.

Do this exercise with me

  • Get in a quiet meditative posture.  It can be on your knees in prayer or your most relaxing yoga pose.
  • Don't say anything.  Just breath deeply.  Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.  Do it until you feel yourself relax.
  • Sink down into the soul that wants true partnership.  You'll know you're there because you'll feel vulnerable.  The strong you will feel uncomfortable.  It's okay.
  • Stay connected to her no matter what other feelings get triggered.  Allow her to stand in her fullness without rejection, criticism or question.
  • Bring her close.
  • Ask her what she needs from you.  Stay quiet and keep breathing until she speaks to you.  When she feels safe, she will answer you.  Jot down what she says exactly how she says it.  Don't try to clean it up or understand it.  Just write.

Email me immediately so I can hold that space with you and help you connect that depth with resolve and that resolve with action!

To your enoughness!!