December 26

Are You Living Your Best Life?  10 Questions That Matter!


“My 2014 bridal shower! So much fun!!”

Are you a pain junkie?  Do you get off on one-upping someone on how bad things are?  My son, daughter-in-love and I had a riveting discussion of our experiences.  I think he called it being Pain Programmed.  That is a little easier to digest than being a full blown junkie!

Still, at 30 years his senior, I was hearing the same complaints that I had burned my husband’s ears off saying.

Say, someone asks you how you are doing. You say that things are going well, you might have had a little trouble doing this or that, but all-in-all everything is great.  Though it is completely undetectable to the naked eye, this someone is secretly comparing your pain to his.  “Well, I had to run down the street to catch the bus, almost getting hit by a car,” he recounts in his response.  “And though I got to work before the meeting, a dog walked past me, lifted his hind leg and pee’d all over my new Louis Vuitton’s.”

I can’t help but get an image of Neo from The Matrix, in his warrior yoga pose, beckoning a come-hither to Mr. Smith.  Makes me chuckle!

With a New Year on the horizon, there needs to be a come-to-Jesus of sorts.  We need to take this Pain Programming and flip it on its ear! Hence, I invite you to take my 10-question quiz, “Am I Living My Best Life.”  Before you start those lofty resolutions, ask yourself these to-the-point yet thought-provoking multiple choice questions.  There is no scoring system to see if your life is on the “best life” side or absolutely sucks!  In fact, that’s not even the goal.  Rather, it is for you to ask the questions that really matter before you sign up for a full year gym membership that you won’t make because you’re too tired after working all day, make up with the boyfriend who strategically broke up with you to avoid buying you a Christmas present or panic over how much money you spent on Christmas presents for family members you don’t even like.  Take the quiz first and let’s schedule a free 30-minute consultation to talk about it.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Here’s to the best New Year ever!!




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