June 21

A Natural Cure For Acid Reflux Sufferers


For weeks, I’ve had a burning throat and the feeling that food was stuck in my esophagus.  It got so bad that sitting straight up in my Lazy Boy lounger didn’t even help.  In fact, just nodding off while watching TV gave consent for whatever was in my stomach to make its grand Exodus up my esophagus to my throat where it decided to make camp and build a blazing fire.  Horrible doesn’t even come close to describing it.  It got so bad that I was afraid to eat and even to drink water.  Yours might not be this chronic but I’m sure you have your acid reflux story.

With an on again off again relationship with Prilosec, Zantac, Nexium and the like and being tired of my acid reflux returning more hostile than before, I decided to take a more naturopathic approach.  My husband googled the area and surprisingly there was a Naturopathic Doctor in Clayton NC.  Her name is Dr. Reem Darar and her practice is called The Natural Cure.  (If you give her a call, make sure she knows that you are there for the 20 minute free consultation.   Otherwise, be ready to pay…lol).

Over these next few blogs, I’m going to focus on acid reflux sufferers like myself whose condition has not been remedied by OTC or prescription meds.  Even if you are feeling better right now, I suggest that you continue to follow this blog.  For me, those medications only relieved the symptoms but left the cause completely unaddressed.  I don’t want your condition to become as bad as mine, so I hope you’ll follow me as I post about my experience and share with you what is working.

I also invite you to share your experiences, what has worked and not worked.   And please be specific.  Context was often missing from my Google searches on the subject.  The greatest aha for me was the fact that there is no silver bullet.  One can’t get rid of a chronic condition by simply taking one thing or eating another. There are various components of the condition that have to be addressed in a methodical and expert fashion in order for the condition to be truly resolved.


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