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How To Write An Ebook in 5 Days


How To Write An Ebook in 5 Days

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. --Lao Tzu

As a self published author of 3 books, I often get asked how I got started writing.  After I tell them, they usually lament that they haven't finished their book yet.  The reason?  They are overwhelmed by the process of publishing.  The best advice I received from Alicia T. Clinton, 1st Place Toastmaster Winner and organizer of the 2013 Write Now Workshop where I was a featured author still stands.  None of the other makes any difference if you aren't writing.

More recently, I participated in a writing challenge as part of the Growgetter Grounds community.  It was to write an ebook.  I strongly recommend that if you are struggling with getting started or finishing your first project, writing an ebook is a great way to jumpstart the process.  My experience was hilarious!  Get this!  We only had 7 days to complete the project!  Here is my funny experience!

Seriously, you too can write an ebook to jumpstart your book writing.  Rather than starting out writing a memoir, write a how-to about something you are an expert in.

Here are a couple of examples from the challenge:

12 Easy Tips For Managing Holiday Overwhelm

How To Get Over Any Heartbreak , Job Loss, or Challenge in 10 Easy Steps

How To Change The Way You Date And Get The Man

But Suzette, how did you all do this?  What are the step by step instructions?  I knew you'd ask!  Here's the ebook by Dawn Nicole, Chief Growgetter and Business Growth Expert:

How To Write and Market Your Ebook in 12 Easy Steps

If you need help with formatting or the content for your book, I am a paid ghostwriter.  Schedule a consultation to talk about how I can help you not just start, but finish your project!!


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