January 2

The Business of Living


Your personality is your unique way of being in the world.  What I didn’t know was the Higher Purpose for it.


I just thought my personality was my personality.  It wasn’t until I was faced with what I perceived as a threat that these words from Deepak Chopra and Oprah gave counsel.  “Your personality is suppose to serve your true self,” they said.  My humor, my attention to detail, my passionate way of communicating, my inquisitiveness, my way of figuring things out, all that is suppose to serve my true self.


Alrighty then!  Exit Ego and enter Higher Consciousness!


This is what I learned.  The role of your personality is to empower your True Self. It is to showcase who you are to the world with all the brilliance of your uniqueness. That should be your focus. So much time is wasted on who is right, who is wrong, who has the upper hand in the situation, how to protect what you have.  Though valiant in its defense, your Ego is overly paranoid.  It you change the focus to staying true to you, things will unfold as they are suppose to.  


That’s why I put together The Business of Living Series.  It’s a 5-part series to JUMPSTART your confidence and chutzpah for the New Year.
The topics are:
  • Remember Who You Are
  • 5 Wisdom Keys to Understanding the Language of the Universe
  • It IS Personal, It’s MY Business
  • 5 Reasons Men Should Be Your Second Language
  • Your Life, Your Investment
Get access now at special New Year pricing!


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