Do you want

 More from 

your relationships?

Here are 5 BOLD Steps you can take right now to get the More you desire!


  • Experiencing love in a BRAND NEW WAY
  • Having love ON YOUR TERMS
  • Asking for what you want WITHOUT FEAR
  • Building a loving partnership with SOMEONE WHO ADORES YOU

You can have that and more!

Over the past several weeks, I asked high achieving women over the age of 40 what their greatest struggles are in relationships.  This is what you said:

  • "I don't know if I'm enough for a good man to want me."
  • "I keep attracting unavailable men and don't know where the good ones are."
  • "I was perfectly fine until a man from my past showed back up."
  • "I haven't dated in years.  I don't know how to do it."
  • "I don't know whether to stick and stay with him or whether to cut him loose."
  • "I've been praying and waiting on God but sometimes it gets hard to stay hopeful."
  • "I feel like I'm running out of time!  I don't want to die alone."

This is how I support YOU:

  • I offer you expert insight into your unconscious patterns of behavior in relationships so you can choose healthy, more empowered responses
  • I help you disconnect from definitions you adopted about love that don't serve you so you can redefine what makes you enough on your own terms and confidently bring your authentic self into your relationships
  • I stand with you and for you as you make bold steps into unfamiliar territory and take courageous action to claim your worth and worthiness in your relationships
  • I bring a proven approach to love, curated from my own love journey and decades of coaching high achieving women who have never experienced loving partnerships to attracting great love into their lives


How would that change your life?

My name is ...

Suzette Vearnon

...and I help high achieving women who struggle in their romantic relationships redefine what makes them enough so they can experience love on their own terms. 

For over four decades, I went from relationship to relationship, looking for love in all the wrong places and losing myself in the process.  But at the age of 50, I got a new vision for love.  It was not the trial-and-error approach I was raised on, rather, it was discovering what made me enough and recognizing men who could appreciate me for it.  I call it my MusicMath® Approach to Dating and Relating. 

With that discovery came a commitment to date authentically and only allow men into my life who could appreciate me for it. Now happily married, I help women break the cycle of failed relationships and attract great love into their lives.

Enough Factor Podcast

where you redefine what makes you enough in life and in love on your own terms.  The weekly content amplifies 3 critical factors of enoughness:  your voice, your value and your vision

The results speak for themselves

After years of having difficulty finding men who actually wanted a relationship, Andrenee discovered she was enough and attracted a committed relationship 1 year later. 

Andrenee B, Brooklyn NY

After meeting at a Healing Retreat, I worked with Chattie.  She was transitioning out of a 22 year loveless marriage.  Two years later, she met a wonderful man and they've been going strong.   

Chattie M, Greensboro NC

When I met Adrienne, she had no problem getting dates, she just couldn't find one who saw her as their forever love.  Just 5 months after working with her, she got into her first serious relationship.  

Adrienne T, Montgomery Village MD

"May you be the champion of your own love story."
- Suzette Vearnon

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