March 15

Suzette Is Phenomenal


March 15, 2017

“First I must say Suzette is a phenomenal person! That alone speaks volumes about her character. Her approach to helping others comes from a place of passion and excitement
for her talent to assist others to achieve their relationship goals. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on several occasions including a Meet Up Group for Single Women over 40 “Statistics Be Darned.”

In that group I was challenged to express what I envisioned for a relationship and was held accountable through members of the group. The most outstanding part of those sessions was her inclusion of the male species take on how they view Women and relationships. She provided a one week virtual Seminar of all Male speakers who gave real life advice on how to attract a Good man.

I don’t want to give away all her coaching techniques but, I must touch on her 4 week “Enough Virtual Workshop” which put the icing on the cake. That particular workshop took me from a place of self examination through the process of not settling for anything less than I deserve!!! Suzette has been very thoughtful and mindful that her clients have full time,everyday roles of thriving individuals,and she made it convenient to participate in every workshop. As a bonus, if I was unable to attend live I had options for play back. If you are ready to partner with a coach who will engage you, challenge you, and help you experience a open minded, life changing relationship I highly recommend Suzette.”


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