I Found My Voice Again

March 15, 2017

When I approached Suzette about coaching me, I felt a lack of motivation. As I am normally an upbeat person, I found this puzzling. I’d have moments of enjoyment with
family and my close circle of friends but when I’d get in my car to drive home, I would feel dread.

Post-divorce, I didn’t like my life as a single woman. I hated coming home to an empty house and resented the burden of managing the things my husband use to. I was also exhausted from other relationship losses that followed. I felt drained. My coaching sessions with Suzette opened me up to a new level of awareness about myself and life.

Through this experience, I have learned that joy and happiness in life is accomplished by “emotional awareness”. Suzette did an awesome job of working with me so I could relearn how to give myself a voice again and experience the feelings necessary, whether good or bad feelings, to cleanse my heart and revive my soul. Armed with a plan and a toolkit of coping strategies, I am owning my truth, rediscovering my love of playing the piano, exploring volunteer opportunities and getting back into the dating scene.

As for the house, I do what I can and delegate the rest. In just 6 sessions, I feel inspired and excited about my future. I strongly recommend Suzette to anyone who needs help figuring out what’s not working in their lives and how to create something that does.