The Crackling, Popping and Skipping of the Unavailable Man

Does anyone out there remember when vinyl records were the norm?  Did you ever try to listen to a song but all you could hear was crackling, popping and skipping?  That’s the way a woman’s mind becomes when she keeps falling for the unavailable man. Love Doctor Rob, a guest speaker at last year’s You Asked? Good Men […]

Let’s Talk Money

On January 19, 2017, Ryan Ray, CEO of Triangle Entrepreneurial Leadership and I talked with a diverse group of men and women interested in becoming smarter with their money. Like me, they were interested in doing the math (positioning themselves financially) so that whatever happened on Capitol Hill would be of little to no consequence. […]

10 Bold Moves That Only The Savviest Power Player Woman Will Make In 2017

These women are the music and the math! They are 10 Savvy Power Player Millionaire and Billionaire Women upon whom we’ve given the title of MusicMath™ Masters. Their beating-the-odds stories and sound advice about business will not just inspire you but will make 2017 your year of success!