Spring Kick Off Venue in Midtown/North Hills

If you haven’t visited the North Hills area of Raleigh in a long time, you’ll be surprised at the transformation.  What was once the second largest mall in Raleigh, next to Crabtree Valley Mall, nestled in a residential area has evolved into a cosmopolitan district with art, food, shopping and penthouse style living.  It was […]

Reaching New Heights At Heights At Meridian Parkway Apartments

I didn’t know what to expect. How would they treat someone just coming off the street with a flyer about a relationship workshop? I squared my shoulders and walked into the leasing office of Heights At Meridian Parkway Apartments. I waited while they responded to the gentleman in the office. Their welcoming smiles greeted me as […]

Taking It To the Streets (Part 1)

April 14, 2017 will kick off my city-to-city tour of “What Is Your Enough Factor?” Today was a visit to the venue, Another Broken Egg in the innovative and multi-faceted Midtown/North Hills area. What a cool array of shops, restaurants and people!