The Functionally Broken

How many people all smiles on social media, walking the red carpet at an awards show, or sitting across the table from you are one disappointment, one bad break, one devastating breakup from break down, even suicide? Kristoff St. John, whom I’ve admired for almost 3 decades as Neil Winters on the Emmy Winning soap […]

Don’t Bring Fear To A Faith Fight

If Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, then what is faith?  Is faith hope?  And what does that hope hinge on?  What is the substance that fuels real hope, not the play-play kind?  In “Don’t Bring Fear To A Faith Fight,” I explore what happens after we a make significant step towards what we hope […]

The Art of Love Jones

In the words of Isaiah Washington’s character, Savon, and only one married in the 1997 movie classic, Love Jones, “When that Jones hits you. It’s a mother-f#@!ker!” (I tried to find the exact quote, but Google couldn’t help me…lol!).  No one made it plainer than Dr. John Gray in his interview with me at the Statistics […]

Damn That Dopamine

It’s called dopamine.  In case you haven’t heard about it since you took biology or sex education in school, let me break it down for you. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps to control your brain’s rewards and pleasure center.  There’s more to the definition, but for our purposes, this definition from Psychology Today gets […]