Your Vision

What vision do you hold for yourself, your relationships, and your work?  Other than a closet full of color-categorized shoes or a 65" Ultra HD TV, I've found that most people can't readily answer.  But they can tell you how they want to feel.  


I know we've been trained to approach life methodically thinking that it makes us smart, rational and grown up.  But adopting a vision that disconnects us from our heart is one of the most ungrown-up things we can do.  That is why my MusicMath Solution starts with the music before it asks you to do the math.  To do otherwise is merely a lesson in futility.  You'll think you're making progress for a while but inevitably you'll feel like someone unexpectedly threw paint across your 20-20 vision.


I invite you to take our quiz, "Am I Living My Best Life."  It's not long.  It's 10 multiple choice questions geared to get you out of your head and help you to get clear about what matters.  That's the first step.  the second is to align what you do to what is truly meaningful to you.  To make what you do count.  That's the math piece.  There is no scoring system.  Just a heightened awareness that we can explore in our 30-minute consultation.  It's free and so worth it!