MusicMath™ Mindset


It all starts in the mind.  With our MusicMath™ Mindset Solution, you can discover an easy and proven way to save time and money spent on distractions from what you really want. The clarity you'll gain will help guarantee your future health and happiness. In our 4-week program, you will:

M. ove up

I. ncrease your value

N. eutralize comparison

D. ominate your space

The focus of Week One is to move you from last on your list to numero uno!  You'll move from what's causing you tension to no tension.  You will broker consensus between your intention and your attention.  By doing so, you will engage the Law of Attraction towards what you do want, knowing that it's your heart song that brings clarity and harmony to it all.

The focus of Week Two is to increase your value, not based on your performance evaluation or what the last guy you dated had to say, but by unlocking your inner brilliance to transform you life, relationships and business.  You will get clear about when it's intuition and when it's not.  You will become aware of distortion emanating from an unhealed wound or unresolved memory.  You will learn to be powerfully vulnerable without losing your equilibrium.

The focus of Week Three is your relationships.  You will examine how you've gone about your relationships, both online and the old fashioned way.  You will hone your innate ability to attract and learn to master 60% of your communication: your body language, and 60% of a man's.  What he means when he says this or does that and how you can effectively communicate what you want, without being desperate or demeaning.

The focus of Week Four is to bring context to the previous three weeks and to discuss the next right step in your journey. You will discover the power of your femininity.  You will receive tools to relate authentically.  And last, but certainly not least, you will see with fresh eyes how the Universe has been supporting you all along.



Our Enough Virtual Workshop is our 4-week program focused on turning your relationship woes to wins.   To find out more, click HERE!