MusicMath® Magnet


Upon completion of the certification process, our graduates aka MusicMath® Moguls become a part of an exclusive community. No longer are they clients, they are family!    

The benefits are immeasurable:

  • Being a part of a magnetic group of support, accountability and information
  • Access to online MusicMath® tools, assessment instruments, templates and coaching materials
  • An "I am a certified Mogul" banner to place on your website
  • Discounts on certification renewals
  • The endorsement of the MusicMath® Mastery program
  • A commission on your clients who enroll in the certification program
  • A platform from which to share your unique area of specialization
  • A starter website for your coaching business
  • Opportunities to sit in and contribute to monthly support calls with past and present clients
  • An automatic team to assist you with your MusicMath-related events.
  • Free attendance at MusicMath® sponsored local events

The benefit to us is:

  • Prepared coaches assisting others the MusicMath® Way
  • Continued credibility as a trusted resource for coaches
  • The satisfaction of knowing that clients are reaching their personal, relationship and professional dreams and paying it forward.

This program is specific to MusicMath® Moguls.

**Stay tuned for the MusicMath® Membership expected to launch this Fall 2017.