MusicMath™ Magnet


Upon completion of the certification process, our graduates aka MusicMath™ Moguls become a part of an exclusive community. No longer are they clients, they are family!    

The benefits are immeasurable:

  • Being a part of a magnetic group of support, accountability and information
  • Access to online MusicMath™ tools, assessment instruments, templates and coaching materials
  • An "I am a certified Mogul" banner to place on your website
  • Discounts on certification renewals
  • The endorsement of the MusicMath™ Mastery program
  • A commission on your clients who enroll in the certification program
  • A platform from which to share your unique area of specialization
  • A starter website for your coaching business
  • Opportunities to sit in and contribute to monthly support calls with past and present clients
  • An automatic team to assist you with your MusicMath-related events.  
  • Free attendance at MusicMath™ sponsored local events


The benefit to us is:

  • Prepared coaches assisting others the MusicMath™ Way
  • Continued credibility as a trusted resource for coaches
  • The satisfaction of knowing that clients are reaching their personal, relationship and professional dreams and paying it forward.

This program is specific to MusicMath™ Moguls.  

**Stay tuned for the MusicMath™ Membership expected to launch this Fall 2017.  


MusicMath™ Mastery


To encourage professionalism and the highest ethical standards in coaching, MusicMath™ offers a dynamic and comprehensive certification program.  Our MusicMath™ Method of coaching draws from over two decades of cumulative training and experience in Human Services Technology, working with addicted populations and incorporating music and math principles.  This is indeed an unique and cutting edge approach to coaching!  

For more information about class schedule and other details, email Suzette at

The certification program is expected to launch Fall of 2017.  


MusicMath™ Management


From practice to ownership, our MusicMath™ Management Solutions takes you from being the music and doing the math to having the dream.  You are now in charge.  Now, it's about managing the new life, new relationship or new business that you've created.

So how do you do that?

Our MusicMath™ Management program supports the leader you've become by honing and developing your skills as a:

L. istener.  Endeavoring to listen more than to speak.

E. ducater.  Getting curious about yourself and others in the new culture you've created.

A. cter.  Engaging both your gut and your resources in decision-making and subsequent action.

D. eveloper.  Encouraging yourself and others to grow into the best representations of themselves.

E. mpowerer  Cultivating your inner ear: your hidden ability to transform a loss into a win.

R. einventer   Evolving beyond any box or construct placed upon you.

While a 6-month commitment is required to be a part of this executive level program, the value added defies quantifying. It is no longer about reaching a goal, but managing the big life, big love, big career you have created.  The song in your heart is now music: words, notes and beats on a page that can be experienced by others.

The beauty of this program is its transferability.  So regardless to whether you are, say, a woman who has found big love and wants to be effective in that partnership or wishes to pay it forward by creating a relationship coaching business, the skills you learn will work in either case.



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MusicMath™ Motivation


This is where the real work of transformation begins.  Our MusicMath™ Motivation Solution keeps you from falling back into old patterns and keeps you motivated towards your dreams by aligning your activity with your voice, your value and your vision.  It reintroduces the math (performance), but this time, it is the music (your inner voice) that keeps it in check.  

With your 6-week sessions, you will:

M. obilize your mindset

O. wn your actions

V. isualize your outcome

E. levate your commitment

The focus of each two-hour session will be a complete remapping of how your brain works.  This will be accomplished by:  

  • Setting and evaluating S.M.A.R.T. goals daily.  These are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely goals.
  • Putting the insights gained in MusicMath™ Mindset into practice.  
  • Catching autopilot behaviors and choosing to hold every behavior accountable to your greater vision.
  • Deprogramming snap-judgments, fear and suspicion and Engaging patience, faith in the process and self-trust.
  • Celebrating every victory, no matter how small.  Getting out of that "waiting for the other shoe to drop" anxiety syndrome.
  • Incorporating what is practiced into a transformed lifestyle



This 6-week session focuses on assisting participants who are in action.  They are getting back in the saddle and, in some cases, are seeing someone.   It's the next step for many insecurities and erroneous beliefs lie dormant until one is actually in a relationship.  The coaching process provides insight and can offer a safe place to explore triggers in real time, create IN-powered responses and gain the confidence required to stand in your truth when people pleasing is a deeply ingrained go-to.

A prerequisite is MusicMath Mindset.  



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MusicMath™ Mindset


It all starts in the mind.  With our MusicMath™ Mindset Solution, you can discover an easy and proven way to save time and money spent on distractions from what you really want. The clarity you'll gain will help guarantee your future health and happiness.

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Your Voice

The demands of life, work and relationships can be exhausting.  You can feel like you're caught in a tug of war where you are the rope being pulled.  We get it!  That's why I designed our MusicMath Solution.  Like the conductor of a symphony orchestra, our MusicMath Solution amplifies what truly matters to you.

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Your Value

There's a saying, "if it don't make dollars, it don't make cents [sense]."  While my bookkeeping clients would wholeheartedly agree, they'd also tell you that profitability is about so much more!

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Your Vision

What vision do you hold for yourself, your relationships, and your work?  Other than a closet full of color-categorized shoes or a 65" Ultra HD TV, I've found that most people can't readily answer.  But they can tell you how they want to feel.  

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