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Hi, I'm Suzette Vearnon.  On December 27, 2014 on my 55th birthday, I did something my Inner Critic would not have predicted.  I got married to the most wonderful man.  It wasn't because I was perfect!  It was because I was me!  The same me who was told I was not enough at times and I was too much at others.  I struggled for most of my adulthood because of it.  Oh how I could have used someone who could unlock for me what was such a mystery, that I was enough.

That's why I'm so excited about this podcast.  I get to give to you what I didn't get.  And because of that, it won't take you 55 years to get it right!   But if it has, it's  not too late.  Let's make sure that you don't spend one more moment not knowing that you are worthy, you are worth it, you are enough!!

Join me every Sunday for my Enough Factor Podcast!

S02-E07: Visibility Is Power


If you’ve been hesitating in launching a product, investing in yourself, or raising your hand to answer the question, Roshanda Pratt has one question for you: Why? Why are you waiting for somebody to give you permission when you’ve already been given it.

Known as a Digital Media Pioneer with 20 years experience as a News Producer on the frontlines of history, Roshanda is on a mission to raise up messengers who will shape the narrative through media. She is a respected News Producer, Live Stream Expert, Speaker, Storyteller and First Lady of Visibility. Roshanda uses her passion for media to spread the empower brands to be seen, heard and paid. She has been featured on CBS’ The Talk and The Tamron Hall Show. Roshanda is the Author of CEO of Live Video, a number one Amazon bestseller. She produces and host a Facebook live show every Monday night called "The Rosho Live".

This episode continues Mental Health Awareness as my guest Roshanda Pratt brings light to your Visibility Factor and your Permission Stance. We have a very transparent and thought-provoking discussion about our experience with our own hesitation and waiting for permission.

We examine:

  • What lies at the core of hesitation
  • How busyness is a way of avoiding
  • Our socialization to hide
  • How perfection is a form of asking permission
  • Why people don’t stand in the full solution

..and much more.


Roshanda dropped gem after gem:

“I had to get works out of my DNA. The truth is I cannot work hard enough for God’s blessing and favor. He will always out-give my doing.”

“I was several months behind because I allowed someone to give me permission to what God had already said yes to.”

“Perfection is a lie. Fear is a bully. And you just have to go on and do it afraid.”

“I looked in the mirror and realized my hater wasn’t the person next to me. I was my biggest hater.”

“I remember when I had to transition from the 8 year old girl to the woman.”

“If you’re investing more on outer things than inner things, then there is a problem. Because the greatest thing you can do is invest in you”


I had a couple of my own:

“We need a transformation in where we place value. We place value in things that depreciate instead of in things that appreciate.”

“We wrestle with what we have not yet resolved.”

“Stop being a hidden figure and a counterfeit cousin.”



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Her book, “Visibility is Power”

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