If It Don’t Make Dollars

If It Don’t Make Dollars is the answer to the question, “How did you do it?” that invariably is the subject of conversation with new entrepreneurs.  It is for the heart-connected entrepreneur who wishes to make money doing what she loves.  It features 5 modules called the 5 C’s of Business:

  • Clarify – Get down to the why of your business.  What about your business inspires you?
  • Count – Do the math.  What will it cost you if you don’t pursue your dream?
  • Connect – Discover your harmonic glue, your gift.  What problem are you constantly asked to solve?
  • Commit – Marry your gift to purpose.  How can you bring wholeheartedness to your business?
  • Co-create – Make dollars.  How can you make your business more productive?
The whole point of being in business is to make money.  So technically, if it don’t make dollars, it ain’t none of your business.