Dr. Undrai Fizer – Spiritual Teacher & Jazz Pianist

Against My Own Heart:  How more good women have been destroyed by fools pimping as kings

Undrai Fizer enjoys life as an author, spiritual teacher, and accomplished jazz pianist. He is the founder of KAIROS, Inter-Global; an educational center for spirituality, potential development, and personal discovery. Fizer is also a commissioned Goodwill Ambassador with United Nations Inter-Faith Initiative of iChange Nations. He is also founder of the publishing company Divine House Books/UrbanWORLD Press.

Spiritual Leader, Jazz Pianist and commissioned Good Will Ambassador, Dr. Undrai Fizer unveils the perception of Good and Bad Men in terms of culture, relationship, and long-lasting happiness. His perspective dispels the perception of secrets, replacing the untold with a difference of thought. King, Prince, or Fool?  

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Dr. Fizer breaks down the codependency that causes abuse to integrity and purpose and calls for evolutionary standards.  Find out:

  • How a man’s title of King, Prince or Fool can be impacted by the spirituality of a woman.
  • The difference between Sensuality and Sexuality and how this is key to connecting with the opposite sex
  • Why believing you can’t live without him is not evidence of being in love
  • How moving from codependency to interdependence can feel like you’re not in love anymore!

…and much more

Speaker’s Updated Contact & Resource List

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  • Dr. Undrai Fizer Website
  • “The Kairos Institute App, from The App Store or Google Play
  • The Excuse-Less Life Book

Dr. Undrai Fizer – Spiritual Teacher & Jazz Pianist

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