Troy Vaughan – Dating & Relationship Commentator

Why Am I Still Single? 

Co-Founder of Ring|side LLC and Let’s Talk Sex dating and relationship commentator, Troy Vaughan doesn’t mince words when it comes to male and female relationships.  Does he believe the sexes can battle to greater understanding?  He’s seen it happen!  He shares a pivotal experience as the catalyst for getting out of the cheap seats and getting into the arena where men and women freely debate relational issues.

RING|SIDE, LLC which is an organization that bolsters communication between outspoken, over-the-top, & opinionated men and women via fiery, fun-filled debate for healthier and more fulfilling dating, marriage, and sex. RING|SIDE is also the official Atlanta partner for The Sweet Spot, a pop erotica variety showcase of local talent in spoken word and visual arts

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Troy arms women with information to make an informed choice and explores: 

  • Blind spots that single women have about themselves as eligible dateworthy women
  • How a woman can make the first move that gives an interested man the “green light.”
  • One of the most understated but most irresistibly intoxicating feminine traits to a good man
  • The old school man versus the new school paradigm and why women should consider which is the best fit for who she is authentically

…and much more


Troy Vaughan – Dating & Relationship Commentator

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