Tem’Ti Sahu Ra – Relationship Advocate

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Host of the Meet My Types Show, Tem’Ti is a lifestyle and life purpose coach based in the Atlanta area. Apart from being the Creator and Matchmaking Director at MeetMyTypes.com, he is also the weekly host of ‘Renaissance Relationship Therapy with Coach Tem’Ti,’ on SourceRadioNetwork.com and covers a wide range of relationship issues including, loneliness, infidelity, emotional imbalance, personal cultivation and sexual energy.

Tem’Ti continues to answer questions women submitted prior to our interview, offering his unique perspective.  He clarifies:

  •  The difference between what an evolved man would find attractive versus an unevolved man
  • How to tell if a man is engaging in flirty banter or is being condesceding of you
  • Why women need to have a broader definition for what makes him a good man
  • How to tell if your man has the capacity for evolution
  • How you get the energy of past relationships out of you

…and so much more, plus other nuggets about men, how they think and what they are looking for in women!

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Tem’Ti Sahu Ra – Relationship Advocate