Tem’Ti Sahu Ra – Holistic Practioner and Indigenous Healing Consultant

Meet My Types:  “The Science of Love” 

TemTi has been in the field of self-healing, spiritual alignment, medicinal eating and holistic lifestyle transitioning for more than 20 years, specializing in developing practical lifestyle solutions for the modern individual who is seeking a ‘whole approach ‘to restoring their health, success, love, identity and spirituality.

As the Chief Consultant at RedPill LMC, he researches, documents and provides weekly seminars and classes on how to practice a Healing and Cultivating lifestyle as part of an ongoing cultural initiative, with workshops ranging from Sacred Sex to Inner Communication and Self-Actualization.

In his dialogue with me, Tem’Ti shared:

  • Why being “a good battery” directly affects your ability to connect meaningfully
  • To shift your focus from how “cute” a man is to what’s more important: where he’s headed
  • Why determining a man’s long term value must supersede “attention” or “attraction” if you wish to have a fulfilling relationship
  • What truly sustains the Power Couple Relationships we admire

…and much more


Tem’Ti Sahu Ra – Meet My Types:  “The Science of Love”

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