Robert Nolden – Relationship Advisor, Speaker, and Author

De-escalation to Transformation: Moving From What It Feels Like to What It Is

He’s Back!!!  Love Dr. Rob is in the house!  Our interview in 2016 was so good that we needed a Part 2.

Robert Nolden aka Love Dr Rob is an Relationship Advisor and Life Coach. He is the author of He Can’t Love You. Robert is a husband and father. He has used his past and pains to help others heal.

Through his book and seminars he has been able to show how emotions dictate behaviors. With the launch of his Relationship Rehab series he has been able to bring his message across the country.

In his dialogue with me, Robert shared:

  • How to regain control when you feel out of control
  • How to move from the “it feels like” from your past relationship to the new now of your current relationship
  • The reasons why a man shuts down when there is conflict
  • When marriage really starts

…and much more


Robert Nolden – Relationship Advisor, Speaker, and Author