Ray Doktor – Clinical Psychologist & Practitioner in the Healing Arts

Conscious Man or Mature Man–Who Do You Prefer?

Dr. Ray specializes in relationship coaching, couples coaching, intimacy and sexuality issues, dating advice, and life coaching and career paths. His hybrid relationship coaching style combines Western and Eastern techniques. In a session, he might combine mind techniques, Tibetan bowls, light healing, and breathwork. He often gives you audio recordings and exercises to take home. Many clients have had breakthroughs in a single session.

Dr. Ray has shared the same stages with Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, and Eckhart Tolle. He has appeared on the E Channel, HBO, and KCAL 9 Los Angeles and has been quoted in and written articles for Psychology Today, Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, and Santa Monica Daily Press. You might have also heard him on Playboy Radio, LA Talk Radio, or Talk America Radio.

In his dialogue with me, Dr. Ray shared:

  • What happens when a man is not aligned with his purpose
  • The definitions that need to change of what a life partner would look like right now
  • How high achieving women are taught to be with achievement but aren’t taught to be with love
  • The celebration of you that the conscious man is waiting to be a part of 

…and much more

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Dr. Ray Doktor – Clinical Psychologist