Philip Franklin Young – Professional Spiritual Adviser

True Love Is In The Stars

Philip Young, PhD is a professional spiritual adviser who has a diverse relationship background and who works frequently with singles and couples on relationship issues.

He has experienced long and short term relationships, dealt with infidelity (from all sides of the experience), and lived in a non-traditional family model (with his daughter’s mother and her husband) until 2017.  He now lives with his wife, daughter, and stepdaughter in their home in Cary, NC.  He is unabashed about discussing all subjects reasonably and openly, including ones that people wish they could talk about but struggle to find the courage to engage.  His practice is spiritual, but not religious and so he has had the opportunity to work with people from various faiths and people without any faith.

In his dialogue with me, Philip shared:

  • There’s nothing wrong with you!
  • Why you shouldn’t limit yourself geographically in who you’ll date
  • When you’re ovulating for a relationship
  • His creative tool that helps you to better understand you and your relationships

…and much more


Philip Franklin Young – Professional Spiritual Adviser